We offer free shipping with orders of a total value of € 150,- or more !

We offer two types of discount :
Discount over total order value :

€50,- minimum order value
€100,- = 5% discount
€150,- = Free Shipping 
€200,- = 10% discount
€500,- = 15% discount
€750,- = 20% discount
€1000,- = 25% discount
€2000,- +  = Please get in touch for your discount options.

Above discounts (minus the last one) are calculated at checkout when you place an order.
Discount based on purchase volume:

If you order a product in larger quantities, you will receive discounts as well. These discounts are applied regardless of the total sum of your order. These discounts vary per product and become visible when you select certain products.

How do these discounts work?

The discounts are calculated automatically, you always receive the highest possible discount per product, but we do not stack discount on a discount.
Product A = on offer for 40% discount
Product B = Discount on product base 20%
Product C = no discount
Product D = offer  10% discount

You order for a total sum of € 500,- so you are eligible for a 15% discount. The discount per product is constructed as follows:

Product A = 40% Discount (discount is higher than total sum discount, so stays valid)
Product B = 20% Discount (discount is higher than total sum discount, so stays valid)
Product C = 15% Discount (For this product a normal calculation of the discount applies)
Product D = 15% Discount (this product is on discount for 10 %, but the total sum discount is higher, so this applies). )

Can't I get a discount on a discount?
No, we don't offer discount on discount. 

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